Emergency Information

Tropical Storm Nate

As of the latest advisory, Tropical Storm Nate is projected to be in the Gulf of Mexico Saturday morning.  It is expected to intensify into a hurricane tracking toward the Louisiana Gulf Coast with landfall Sunday morning.  JLL is monitoring the New Orleans area government official advisories as well as and keeping an eye on this tropical system.


The strength and path can quickly change with these types of weather systems.  All Tenants should have their current hurricane / business interruption plan in place.  Also, re-familiarize yourselves with the Building Emergency Procedures on our website www.1515poydras.com.  As this tropical system could possibly have the potential to affect our area in the next few days, your firm is strongly encouraged  to pay close attention to the news and government agencies for storm updates.  City of New Orleans updates can be found by going to http://www.nola.gov/ready/.


Since landfall is anticipated over the weekend, your team is encourage to prepare your office and employees now for any type of tropical system including an evacuation of various metro areas or New Orleans, in its entirety.

In the event an Evacuation is issued, the property has developed the following outline of what steps will be taken at the building to ensure adequate preparation for such a storm.  Please review and contact the management office with any questions.

With your safety in mind, all Tenants will be requested to timely evacuate the Buildings in accordance with direction from the City of New Orleans, so that the Buildings may be closed and secured in a timely manner.  Any and all evacuations will follow the guidelines and direction as set forth by the City of New Orleans.

In the case of evacuation and/or an extended period of time away from the buildings, each firm should be prepared to conduct your business from an area outside of these office buildings.

Upon receipt of an Evacuation from the City of New Orleans, the following procedures shall apply for all tenants.

  • 1515 Poydras and 1555 Poydras Buildings are not to be used as a shelter or a place of refuge.
  • The Parking Garage is not a safe haven for vehicles and should not be utilized for this purpose.  There will be no access to the Garages in the event of an evacuation or building closure. The Parking Garage will not be reopened for access until the garage is cleared of any debris and the Parking Company can properly staff the site.
  • JLL will give as much advance notice as possible regarding changes in Building operations and Building access.
  • Be sure to check the building’s website at www.1515poydras.com or www.1555poydras.com prior to the storm, as well as during and after any emergency event. Notifications will come out as often and timely as possible. There are various avenues of communication through the 1515 and 1555 Websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and the 800 number (1-800-574-0609).
  • All building entrances will be closed and secured for the storm. No entry shall be permitted once secure.
  • Property damage during a hurricane is usually a result of window breakage and flooding from rain or rising water. The greatest threat to an office space will be if a window breaks.

Tenants are recommended to take the following precautionary measures to protect    their property if a window should break in their office space.

  • All valuables, records, equipment, loose articles, pictures and wall hangings should be removed from perimeter offices having windows and be stored in  a secure area near the core of the building for best possible protection.  All doors leading to the secure area should be closed and locked if possible.
  • Within each office, all office equipment, electronics and telephone equipment should be unplugged. Relocate all this equipment if located in a perimeter windowed office.
  • Furniture should be moved away from the windows.  If this is not practical, it should be covered with plastic sheeting tied in place.
  • All blinds should be raised up and curtains should be opened. All office doors closed and locked.
  • Do not put tape on windows.
  • Glass Breakage – If a glass panel is broken or cracked, please advise the Building Management Office immediately.  If the glass cannot be replaced immediately, the building staff will board-up the window with plywood.
  • It is required prior to a weather storm event, that all perishable food from your refrigerator be removed, taken out of the property or thrown away during a business day.
  • No candles or flammable energized lamps are permitted inside the building.
  • As stated in your lease, damage to personal property and business interruption losses are the responsibility of the tenant. Consult your insurance carrier to ensure you are adequately covered and the current deductible is acceptable.
  • The building will remain closed until the storm passes and the evacuation is lifted.  Once Building Services are restored and if needed occupancy approval obtained from City and State, we will direct on Reentry Procedures through the various buildings communications systems as addressed earlier

Please call the Management Office with any additional questions or concerns you may have.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


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