Tenants Corner

Collaboration Center Reservation

Click on the Collaboration Center calendar to check availability and submit a reservation request!
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Conference Room Reservation

Click on the conference room calendar to check availability and submit a reservation request.
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Emergency Information

Click here for hurricane updates, fire safety, procedures, a weather link, building closures and an office check list.

Cleaning Information

Please contact the Management Office for any inquires regarding cleaning.
Phone: (504) 585-2670
Cleaning Supervisor:
Gerald Montenegro  
Empire Janitorial Services

Parking Information

Please contact the Parking Office
located on the Second Floor of the 1515 Parking Garage.
Phone: (504) 585-2686
Parking Supervisor:
Ekaterina Walker

For information on special event and presale parking at 1515/1555 Poydras click on the following link:



Building Security

In case of an Emergency, please call 911
(Also Notify Property Management)
Phone: (504) 585-2670
Courtesy Officer Supervisor:
Jack Delaney
Weiser Security Services, Inc.

Contact Property Management


Tenants Corner Files

Click on any of the forms below to download and fax back to the
Management Office at 504-585-2674.