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$25 room arrangement fee for any setup other than standard classroom.
The standard set up is 18 tables and 54 chairs.
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There is a $50 deposit required for every option other than Internet access.

Auditorium Users Acknowledgement of Guidelines: As the designated representative for the Auditorium users, I understand and agree to the Guidelines for Use of the 1515/1555 Auditorium. I also agree to communicate these Guidelines to all event participants. Please keep in mind that the room is not booked until you have received a confirmation email.

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Thank you for your interest in 1515/1555 Poydras Auditorium.

The auditorium is only available to the tenants of the 1515 & 1555 Poydras Buildings.

In hopes that the auditorium will meet your function needs, please review our guidelines below.

The auditorium is available Monday - Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Please be mindful of the other tenants in the building and limit your dates to no more than two (2) events per month.

The standard set up in the auditorium is classroom style consisting of eighteen (18) tables and fifty-four (54) chairs. The maximum capacity is 75 people. This is based on a theatre style set-up (chairs only) and may be reduced based on set-up requirements.

A $25 room arrangement fee will be assessed for any setup other than standard classroom. If you choose to arrange the auditorium in any setup other than standard classroom and it is not returned by your event participants at the conclusion of your event, a $25 room arrangement fee will be assesed.

Please do not pin, tape or hang items on the walls or doors of the auditorium.

If audio-visual equipment is needed, a $50.00 deposit MUST be handed into the JLL Management Office upon pick-up of the audio-visual closet key. The deposit will be returned to the tenant upon the return of the closet key and providing that all equipment is left in reasonable condition. Deposits are to be made by check only. The check should be made out to East Skelly, LLC (JLL as agent). No keys or equipment will be given out without a deposit. The JLL Management Office assumes that any person picking up such key and bearing the deposit is authorized to do so and has been given authorization by their signing authority.

Rooms and/or audio-visual equipment are to be left in the same condition that they were found and will be inspected by a JLL Management team member at the conclusion of the meeting.

The tenant is responsible for any loss or damage to the facilities and/or equipment while in their use and for any cleaning requirements resulting from their use of the space.  Any such costs will be charged to the tenant.


Once the request is received, our Tenant Services Representative will verify your request and will respond to you accordingly.

Please keep in mind that the room is not booked until you have received a confirmation email.